Early data modeling for efficent design

Structure your data modelling right from the start of your projects to communicate, describe your data flows and feed your development teams

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Early Data Modeling for Efficient Designs

Data modelling is no longer just about databases. It underpins the design of the entire system, for example when it comes to specifying APIs and events using a design-first approach. Our aim is to provide project teams with practical, efficient tools for modeling data at a very early stage in the project.

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In the early stages of a project, data is very often described using office tools (spreadsheets, graphic presentation tools, word processing, etc.). These tools are ill-suited to the task and are of no help in ensuring the consistency of the descriptions, which quickly become difficult to master. Finally, a great deal of work is required to make these descriptions usable by the development teams.

With Akwatype, the data description is framed from the outset, can be used to communicate with the various project stakeholders and can be used directly by the development teams..

Go further and describe your APIs based on your data models

Applications in your domains work together using APIs. Describe your services and capitalise on your data modelling for a more agile and robust design of your projects.

Ensure the consistency of the data you expose

Use a shared data model that is independent of your applications.

Master the design of your APIs and Events

Design your APIs and Events on a common base to ensure the consistency of your flows.

Accelerate your API design

Reuse your components efficiently to design new APIs or their evolutions

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How it works

1️⃣ Model your data

Data types, properties, nomenclatures, examples... Build your data model, explore it graphically, share and validate the model with all project stakeholders

2️⃣ Document and share your data models

Exploit the full potential of your data model by using existing reports/extractions or Akwatype's integrated freemarker editor to generate new ones tailored to your needs.

3️⃣ Model your flows

Services, API, channels, messages, publish/subscribe... linking APIs and messages to the data model. Describe your flows and explore them graphically with the dynamically generated flow charts.

4️⃣ Generate your API contracts

Automatically create documentation and contracts in standard OpenAPI and AsyncAPI formats directly from Akwatype

Who is Akwatype for ?

IT Architect / Developers

They model the type model, facades and services in collaboration with the Data and Business Analysts.
They feed the development process with the data models and generated OpenAPI and AsyncAPI.

Data Analyst / Business Analyst

They participate in the definition of the data model as well as in the validation of the data exposed by the APIs and events (messages).
They use Akwatype graphs and exports to gain a better understanding of the structuring of flows and the data transported.

Project Manager

they orchestrate collaboration around the design process for the data model, APIs and messages.
At all times, they have access to detailed, consistent documentation on the data in their project.

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